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The Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) is a non-profit, public elementary school with an emphasis in project-based learning in and through the arts. We hope that our families and other members of the community will find this website to be a valuable source of information, participation and inspiration.

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Let’s Catalyze!

On November 8th LFCSA hosted The Catalyst Series: Arts and Democracy in Education. This conference brought together a passionate group of K-12 educators, university faculty, curriculum designers, teaching artists, activists, policy makers, professional development providers, researchers, school administrators, among others. Participants explored, shared, and developed knowledge about the impact of recurring experiences in arts education in the development of self-aware active citizens in a democratic society.

The conference was a wonderful learning experience for all involved, and it allowed our school to build a strong network of inspiring collaborators, culture makers, and fellow art education advocates. The Catalyst Series will continue hosting events and dialogues to advance the role of the arts in progressive education.  Thank you to all of those who attended and stay tuned for new Catalyst events at LFCSA!


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